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Mission Statement
About the PsiKeep Logo

Mission Statement

The PsiKeep Center for the Arts is dedicated to the creation and production of the visual arts. Currently the focus is on three dimensional media and sculpture. The Center welcomes both beginning students and professional artists.

The Center is located on nine acres of oak and blue pine forest and meadow land. There is a multi-fruit orchard and two herds of rare San Clemente Island goats on the property.

One hour from Santa Rosa and two hours from Sacramento, the Center is a perfect location for a retreat from the hectic pressures of urban life.

The Center offers:

  • Single day classes
  • Private tutoring
  • Weekend workshops.
  • Weekly residency

The classes and workshops are project driven. Individuals bring an idea to work on. Instructors help to engineer each individual project.

For more information on what is currently being developed at the Center visit our blog at: PsiKeep Venture
The early works of Christalene Loren can be viewed at: The Tenabrae Cafe
and at: Dragon Maker

About the PsiKeep Logo

PsiKeep logo

The PsiKeep logo is made of two parts. In the center is the Greek letter Ψ psi which means "mind". It is found in such words as psychology – the study of the mind. Another example is psychotropic - mind altering or literally mind turning.

The letter Ψ psi is enclosed in a circle with a gate which represents a keep or the central living space of a castle. Literally the symbol means mind castle.

The flame is the creative energy entering and leaving the mind castle The PsiKeep Center for the Arts is where creativity is born and manifests.