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PsiKeep Ranch is located in Northern California. The ranch is one of the breeding centers for San Clemente Island goats.

San Clemente Island goats were feral goats that were abandoned by the Spanish ranchers when the Channel Islands were given to the United States after the Spanish War. The goats remained on the islands of San Clemente and Santa Catalina for several hundred years until the U.S. Navy began using them for target practice.

In the 1980's the rescue mission was set up to remove the goats from the islands. The government had classified the San Clemente Island goats as vermin, and the rescuers were not allowed to obtain any male goats. But, as nature will have its way, a few does who were rescued were pregnant with male kids. Because of those few male kids the breed was able to propagate by using those few male kids which survived.

Today the San Clemente Island goat is a registered breed.There are about 600 San Clemente Island goats in the world.

You may read more information on San Clemente Island goats at the official San Clemente Island goat website at: scigoats.org

Image of a female and male adult San Clemente goat

The original female and male San Clemente Goats that were brought to the PsiKeep ranch.

PsiKeep Ranch began breeding San Clemente goats in 2003 when the original pair was brought to the ranch. The above goats are from two lines of Rivetti goats purchased from Mardi Rivetti.

In 2009 the ranch purchased a yearling male buck from Jerry Gauque. The yearling buck is from the Plimoth genetic line.

Currently there are two small herds of San Clemente goats at PsiKeep Ranch. One herd is Rivetti/Rivetti and the other herd is Plimoth/Rivetti. What is means is that in the Rivetti/Rivetti herd both the buck and the doe are from two genetic lines of San Clemente goats bred for many years by Mardi Rivetti in Valencia California.In the other herd the buck from the Plimoth genetic line are being bred with Rivetti does.

This year the kidding season began in January 2015 and kids are currently available.